Bass lessons in English in Enschede

Do you want to take bass lessons in Enschede?

Have you always wanted to play the bass?

Or do you want to pick up the thread where you left it years ago?

Or do you want to apply for the conservatory or the Popacademy?

Come and take bass-lessons in my home-studio! I am a graduated teacher.

Music is a universal language, a communication tool, a form of expression, an outlet. I want to offer you the tools so that you can master your instrument and enjoy making music.

Bass lessons for all ages

Everybody is welcome: youngsters and elders. Age doesn’t matter. Is is never too late to learn to play an instrument. Making music is fun and healthy!

Bass lessons for all levels

Everybody is welcome: beginners, intermediate and advanced pupils. Your entry-level doesn’t matter. Playing the bass is my specialisation and I can teach everybody a lot. During a free and non-binding trial lesson we can take a look at your capabilities, ambitions, inspirations and idols. From there we make a plan and shape the lessons.

Bass lessons: what do you learn?

Together we will discuss which music genres, bands and artists you like. Next step is to pick some songs that suit your level and wishes which I will teach you. Together with those songs and a method-book I will teach you the following:

  • the right posture
  • the right techniques
  • the theory behind the songs and techniques
  • reading and playing notes, tabs and chords
  • training your ears
  • grooving
  • jamming
  • slapping
  • improvising
  • playing harmonics

All this in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, in my home-studio equipped with professional gear.

The lessons are individual so all the attention is focussed on you and your development as a bass-player.

I also teach in Dutch and French.



Free of charge and non-binding trial lesson

Interested? Please subscribe now for a free of charge and non-binding trial lesson! You are not stuck with a contract and after the trial lesson you pay a profitable fee per lesson.

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